It’s a rainy autumn day in Inaba and Nanako’s walking down the street carrying a yellow umbrella in one hand and a lunchbox wrapped in white cloth in the other. As she walks she looks around at her surroundings as if looking for something and eventually she brings up a piece of paper from her jacket, just barely managing to hold it with the same hand the umbrella’s in. After reading the note she looks around once again before making her way down the street. She stops before one of the houses lining the streets and once again reads the note. After confirming the address she takes a deep breath before making her way to the front door and carefully placing the lunchbox on the pavement as she collapses her umbrella, placing it under her arm. She leans down to pick up the lunchbox before knocking at the door then taking a step back to glance at the residential nameplate which reads ‘Tohru Adachi’.

I hope it’s still warm… Nanako thinks as she glances down at the lunchbox containing today’s dinner. She’d had some trouble finding Adachi’s house so her arrival had been delayed slightly. Maybe I should have called?


Monday Oct 10 @ 08:55am
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